October 13, 2010

Gorillas of Rwanda

Who would have thought I would be able to hike 3 1/2 hours up from 7,000 ft. elevation to 9,000 ft. thru all kinds of bamboo forest and overgrown mountain brambles?????? I did 3 different hikes and brought back some incredible images of gorillas of all sizes. From the biggest Silver Back to a new born that was brought into the world the morning of our hike.

vermont adventure

Vermont wildlife! Scottish Highlander!

October 10, 2010

Vermont adventure

I had the chance to visit the fall colors of Vermont this past week, visiting my cousin Sandy's new beautiful log cabin home. The trees were not in full color because of the big rain the week before, but Vermont and the Mad River Valley was still very colorful. I loved my visit.When we were out and about we came across Scottish Highlander cows. They are so cool.